• jaws-feature

    The 5 Best Horror Films About Sharks

    There sure are a lot of shark movies. Most are shameless cash grabs or a mindless excuse to show skin and gore. Since 1975, sharks and similar sea beasts have wreaked havoc on the big [...]
  • piranha-feature

    5 Movies That Ripped Off Jaws

    In 1975, Steven Spielberg became a household name, “summer blockbusters” were born, and the water became paralyzingly terrifying for millions of people all because of Jaws. Since its release over 40 years ago, it has [...]
  • tigers-are-not-afraid-2

    Fantasia Review: Tigers Are Not Afraid (2017)

    After facing a year’s worth of rejection letters from festival after festival, Issa López’s genre-bending fantasy/horror film Tigers Are Not Afraid was finally granted late acceptance into Fantastic Fest 2017, where it premiered last September. [...]