The Monster Squad: A Reflection

August 14, 2017 Mike Cramer 0

The 1980’s saw a rise in movies starring groups of children. Some of the greatest examples, E.T., The Goonies, and The Lost Boys, became some of the biggest hits of the decade. Usually, the plots


15 Of The Creepiest Dolls in Horror

August 11, 2017 Mike Cramer 0

The beauty of a good horror story is that anything and everything can be used to bring chills and screams. This is most effective when the object symbolizes a simpler time, like childhood. A doll


Wish Upon (2017)

August 1, 2017 Steven Lohmann 0

This review contains spoilers.  There are certain film ideas that I am very intrigued by. I enjoy a film where a certain aspect may have horrible consequences, which is why I enjoy time travel films


EP01 | Pieces

July 19, 2017 Steven Lohmann 0

Welcome to Camp Blood, join us as we review some of the best and worst horror films ever to grace the silver screen. Today we cut up the 1982 slasher film “Pieces”.