• winter-feature

    The 10 Best Winter Horror Films

    The weather isn’t the only thing that’s frightful during these snowy, wintry nights. Some of the best horror movies take place in the frigid cold during a snowstorm. The cold atmosphere can help to create [...]
  • carpenter-feature

    It Came from John Carpenter

    John Carpenter is one of horror’s greatest assets. He is a true icon. When you think of horror, Carpenter is at the the top of the list alongside the likes of Wes Craven, Alfred Hitchcock, and [...]
  • carrie-feature

    In The Court Of Stephen King: Carrie

    “You’ve got something here” Tabitha said to Steve, after picking up a manuscript out of the garbage. In On Writing, Stephen King tells of how the idea for the book came to fruition. One day [...]
  • insidious-feature

    Insidious (2010)

    I just finished watching Insidious for the first time since its opening night in 2011. This time around—sitting on my couch with my pup instead of in a mildly uncomfortable theater filled with raucous teens—I [...]
  • the-mummy-quiz-feature

    Quiz: How Much Do You Know About The Mummy (1932)?

    Just one year after Boris Karloff shocked audiences as Frankenstein’s Monster, he reunited with makeup artist Jack Pierce for The Mummy. The first of Universal’s Classic Monsters to not be based in literature, The Mummy spawned four [...]
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