Spike Releases the First Trailer for its Upcoming Series Based on Stephen King’s The Mist

2017 is shaping up to be the year of Stephen King. With silver screen adaptations of The Dark Tower, IT, and Gerald’s Game in the works, King fans are also being treated to television adaptations of Mr. Mercedes and The Mist.

While most will remember The Mist for Frank Darabont’s 2007 film adaption, this time around Spike will be presenting the story as a 10-episode miniseries. While there is a noticeable lack of tentacled monsters, the trailer has definitely piqued our interest. Check out the synopsis and first official trailer below.

Based on a story by Stephen King, Spike’s THE MIST centers around a small town family that is torn apart by a brutal crime. As they deal with the fallout an eerie mist rolls in, suddenly cutting them off from the rest of the world and, in some cases, each other. Family, friends and adversaries become strange bedfellows, battling the mysterious mist and its threats, fighting to maintain morality and sanity as the rules of society break down.

The Mist premieres Thursday, June 22 at 10 PM on Spike.

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