17 in ’17: Exciting Horror Movies to Look Forward to in the New Year

I think we can all agree that 2016 was not a great year all around, especially for the movies (unless you were an animated movie or just Disney in general). We saw some awful horror movies (The Disappointments Room, The Darkness) and some movies so bad they felt like a nightmare, looking at you Nine Lives (Kevin Spacey reached a new low in…well any actor’s career). The good news is the New Year is about to begin and there are truly wonderful horror movies on the horizon to get your blood pumping.

They range from sequels, (Annabelle 2, and Insidious 4) to the cherry on top of fan favorite franchises (Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, Alien Covenant, and Saw Legacy). We’ll get a reimagining of some beloved horror staples (The Mummy, IT, and Kong: Skull Island) and some new and original stories (Redwood, Get Out, and The Belko Experiment). The list goes on, so check out 17 of the most intriguing movies coming in ‘17. It’s shaping up to be a good year for us horror fans.

The Bye Bye Man


Three friends discover the root of humanity’s evil actions, the Bye Bye Man. They must not think about his name because once he’s in, he takes control.



From the mind of M Night Shyamalan, three girls are kidnapped by a man with multiple personalities. They must find which personalities are willing to help.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter


Taking place immediately after the events of the previous installment, Alice must return where it all began to make once last stand against the undead to save humanity.



Taking place 13 years after the events of the first film, Rings explores a movie within a movie that no one has ever seen before.

A Cure for Wellness


At a “wellness center” in the Alps provides miraculous treatment, but one young, ambitious executive begins to suspect that things are not what they seem.

Get Out


A young African-American man visits his girlfriend’s cursed family estate. Directed and written by Jordan Peele.

Kong: Skull Island


A team of explorers discover the larger than life horrors on Skull Island, but they are no match for the “King”.

The Belko Experiment


A voice over an intercom orders a group of trapped co-workers to play a game of kill-or-be-killed.

Alien: Covenant

MAY 19

Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated sequel to 2012’s Prometheus follows the crew aboard the colony ship Covenant as they look for a paradise, but only find a dangerous world.

The Mummy


Universal Studios launches its Universal Monsters shared universe. An ancient being is awakened bringing malevolence and terror to all of humanity, including Tom Cruise, and Russell Crowe as Dr. Jekyll.

Annabelle 2


Going back even further in the story of the possessed doll, Annabelle, this sequel (or prequel?) gives the origin of the breakout star of The Conjuring.



Arguably the most talked about movie on this list. Stephen King’s story follows several children struggling with life’s problems, including a shape-shifting monster.

Insidious 4


The plot details of the 4th installment in the popular horror franchise have not yet been released from the further.

Saw: Legacy


The plot 8th installment of the Saw franchise has not yet been revealed, but it’s guaranteed to be messy.

God Particle


Earth has disappeared and a team of astronauts fight for their survival after a terrifying discovery in the third installment in the Cloverfield franchise.

Cage Dive


A group of tourists filming their experience while cage diving but a storm leaves them stranded in shark infested waters.



This UK film focuses on a couple camping in the woods, but they soon discover that there are some mythical creatures out for blood.

Did we miss something on your list? What horror movies are you most looking forward to in 2017?

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