It Comes At Night (2017)

June 14, 2017 Luke Pajowski 0

It Comes At Night is one of the most humanist horror films in a while. One that disregards the villain in favor of putting everyone on a level playing field. By doing so, Shults creates


Raw (2017)

March 30, 2017 Luke Pajowski 0

Telekenetics have Carrie. Werewolves have Ginger Snaps. Now cannibals have Raw. Cannibalism in popular culture has a resurgence every decade or so. This dates all the way back to Robert Bloch’s Psycho, whose Norman Bates


Val Lewton: The Master of Shadow

February 3, 2017 Luke Pajowski 0

The advent of the talkies and keen interest in the works of Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker helped pave way for the Classic monsters Frankenstein, Dracula and later on, The Wolf Man. All major productions


Takashi Ito: Haunting the Space

October 23, 2016 Luke Pajowski 0

“Film is capable of presenting an unrealistic world as a vivid reality and creating a strange space peculiar to media. My major intention is to change the ordinary every day life scenes and draw the


The Twisted World of Junji Ito

October 22, 2016 Luke Pajowski 0

For a werewolf, we know that silver bullets can stop it. For a vampire we know that sunlight and a stake through the heart can stop it. These explanations of dealing with these particular threats