Watch: Willem Dafoe Stars in “The Lighthouse” from “The Witch” Director Robert Eggers

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that A24 makes some of the best trailers in the game. While I’ve seen plenty of mediocre A24 movies, I’ve never seen a mediocre A24 trailer, and that seems to be a double-edged sword. While a good trailer always gets me into the theater, I’m way more disappointed if the film under-delivers on the trailer’s promises. And I’m also not as forgiving on the other side, if the movie is decent but not terrible, when it comes to looking for points of redemption. Don’t trick me, pls. I dislike it.

This morning, A24 released another banger of a trailer that, unsurprisingly, teases a movie promising to be pretty fucking batshit and amazing. And while I know better than to get swept up in this signature A24 trickery, I just can’t help but get swept up in this signature A24 trickery.

The film is called The Lighthouse and is directed by Robert Eggers and written by him and (I’m guessing) his brother Max Eggers. You might remember this young writer/director from 2015’s The VVitch, which was one of those A24 movies that turned out to be pretty good but was aggressively overblown into the “world’s best horror effort in centuries,” even though it wasn’t and it also isn’t (which is another thing that always happens with A24 movies and another reason I find them inherently irritating).

But, like I said, it’s pretty hard not to get swept up here. First of all, the film stars Willem Dafoe (incredible) and Robert Pattinson (not nearly as incredible, but I can definitely dig it). It’s shot in black and white and set a long time ago—probably around There Will Be Blood times—and that’s pretty much all I can say about it with any kind of confidence. That, and that it looks insane, faster-paced, and a good deal more horrifying and exciting than I personally found The VVitch. So, hell yeah. Consider me swept.

The Lighthouse is out in theaters on October 18. Give the trailer a watch above.

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