Watch: “IT Chapter Two” Gets Its Final Trailer

Hot off of the Warner Bros. Pictures YouTube channel comes the final trailer for IT Chapter Two, and—surprise, surprise—it looks fantastic. Though quite unlikely, if you’ve not yet been convinced that this hotly anticipated follow-up to 2017’s record-breaking part one is going to completely blow your socks off, go ahead and peep that trailer for us. I’ll wait.

Featuring a series of transitional dissolves that individually transform part one’s lovable cast of kids into part two’s big-name adults, the trailer gives us our first complete look at how well those casting decisions were apparently made—at least aesthetically. Also teased are a variety of horror sequences that betray a big budget put to good use.

While Pennywise has had to wait 27 years in King’s universe to rise again, luckily, the rest of us have only had to wait two. The concluding installment to this two-part classic is set to hit theaters on September 6. Watch the trailer below, and try not to get excited. I dare you.

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