Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Jaws?

Steven Spielberg burst into the public eye with 1975’s Jaws. It became the first blockbuster, and made stars of Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss, and Robert Shaw. Although it has been 42 years, the films stills stands firmly in pop culture. The classic “You’re going to need a bigger boat” line is often used when a problem becomes larger than anticipated. The iconic poster is still used in political cartoons.

As quotable as the dialogue is, or unforgettable as the images are, nothing compares to one of the most famous scores of all time. John William’s score, and all the weight that it brings, has been used as a spoof in movies, or by children in a swimming pool. With all the great work that Steven Spielberg has directed and produced, Jaws still stands among his best. It has stood the test of time, now test your knowledge of this classic.

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