Deep Cuts: Killer Condom (1996)

The Rubber that Rubs you out; a priceless gem from the past.

The year was 1996. It was a great year for movies. We had Independence Day, Scream, Fargo and Trainspotting to name a few. Sure, a few pieces of garbage would slip through *cough* Twister *cough cough*, but overall it was a very solid year for film. However, one film slipped though the cracks into obscurity yet remains one of the greatest films of the ninties. And that is Killer Condom.

A perverted college professor takes his student to a sleazy New York motel and tries to force himself on her. However, the night didn’t go as planned as he loses his quivering member to a carnivorous, sharp fanged living condom.

Luigi Mackeroni, a chainsmoking homosexual police officer, is assigned to the case. Despite losing his left testicle to the monster, the police station refuses to believe that there is a conspiracy at hand. Now Luigi, together with a cross-dressing former partner and a young new criminal lover, seeks to uncover the truth behind the lubricated menace.

This movie, as insane as it sounds, is actually amazing. The practical effects are on point and the acting and comedy is spot on. Killer Condom is actually years ahead of it’s time with it’s support of gay rights and the constant questioning of religious zealotry. Only dicks do not like this movie (see what I did there?) Do yourself a big favor and hunt it down. It’s worth every penny.

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