Darcy the Mail Girl Is Bringing MonsterVision Back to the Masses

We’re a few days late on this extremely exciting news, but the rumors are true, folks! Sweet Diana Prince, who we all know and love as Darcy the Mail Girl, is bringing MonsterVision back to the Mutants!

For those who didn’t have the pleasure of growing up on MonsterVision, a little history: MonsterVision was a variety show that aired on TNT from 1991 to 2000, but it’s in 1996 that Joe Bob Briggs began hosting and catapulted it into a top-tier television classic.

From then until its end in 2000, MonsterVision followed the hosted movie marathon format of Joe Bob’s Drive-In Theater, which aired from 1987 to ‘95 on The Movie Channel, but with significantly more Joe Bob segments. And we love our Joe Bob segments.

Joe Bob's Drive-In Theater
Joe Bob’s Drive-In Theater, December 1992
MonsterVision, February 1999

Joe Bob’s MonsterVision attracted and inspired a whole generation of genre fans, all staying up extra late for our communal weekly ritual of beasts, blood, and breasts (at least of the TV-approved variety) Friday nights at 11. In fact, some of those young Mutants were so inspired that they grew up and brought us all back together again on Fridays, through The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs on Shudder. And bless them for that.

Darcy with 20,000 hours of MonsterVision and Joe Bob's Drive-In Theater
Darcy with 20,000 hours of MonsterVision and Joe Bob’s Drive-In Theater

Since MonsterVision and Joe Bob’s Drive-In Theater have been off of the air, finding old episodes is nearly impossible. There were never any physical releases of the shows, and of course they aired before the days of HD television, DVR, and even widespread reliable internet. If you can find rips at all, they’re usually from some lucky duck who was wise enough to tape the episode the night it aired over 20 years ago and managed to get it uploaded to some seedy corner of the Internet.

But no more! Our sweet Darcy the Mail the Girl—the best Mail Girl there ever could be—has come to the rescue. If you follow her socials (and you gotta: Insta, Twitter), then you might have noticed her traveling around the country last year to collect the MonsterVision tapes. We’ve been waiting with bated breath to find out what she’s going to do with them, and the day has finally come.

Armed with over 20,000 hours of JBB footage—from both shows, “Joe Bob’s Sleaziest Movies” and his Daily Show segment “God Stuff,” as well as random interviews and guest appearances—Darcy has created a Patreon page where we can all share in the vintage memories of our favorite handsome movie host.

Darcy reports that she’s looking into doing some manner of physical releases later down the line, but all of this footage must be watched, sorted, and digitized first. The Patreon is an excellent way for us Mutants to lend a little support to that process while also getting to enjoy it all along the way.

Sign up for the Patreon now to see all of the excellent snippets already posted and help ensure the drive-in will never die!

Darcy the Mail Girl Patreon

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