Universal’s “The Mummy” Reboot Gets Its First Trailer and Poster

The first film in Universal’s long-anticipated Cinematic Universe finally has a teaser trailer and poster. Officially a reboot of the studio’s original Mummy franchise, The Mummy stars Tom Cruise alongside Sofia Boutella as our first female mummy. Russell Crowe will also have a role in the film as Dr. Henry Jekyll giving us a glimpse into Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan’s plans for the larger cinematic universe. It’s difficult to get a feel of the film from the brief teaser, but it is being billed as an “action-adventure/horror” so it’s safe to assume it’ll be heavy on the thrills and light on the scares.

Check out the teaser poster below and get ready to see a lot more marketing for this movie leading up to its June 9th release date starting with a full-length trailer this Sunday.


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  1. Don’t want to be negative, but I’d probably rather watch Big (Lon) Junior lumbering around in slow motion choking people. That said, Tom Cruise is pretty scary but in the wrong way, and I’m not a fan of Crowe. I may just skip it and give the Karloff Mummy another watch!

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