Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Frankenstein (1931)?

Frankenstein’s Monster has become one of the most widely recognizable characters of literature and film. In 1931, director James Whale and a relatively unknown Boris Karloff changed cinema forever. Fresh off the heals of Dracula, Frankenstein cemented Universal Studios as the master of the not yet labeled horror genre. But, there is a lot more to Frankenstein than screams and chills. Thanks to Whale and Karloff, the Monster is as sympathetic a character as any creature has been or ever will be.

With the help of legendary makeup artist Jack Pierce, Boris Karloff was transformed into perhaps the most iconic looking character of all time. The Monster has appeared in countless adaptations since 1931’s movie, but nothing compares to the original. Frankenstein has also been recognized by the Library of Congress as being historically and culturally significant. Despite Frankenstein being over 85 years old, it is still fresh and exciting today. Channel that excitement and test how much you know about 1931’s Frankenstein.

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  1. About the “What is true about the Monster” question- his skin is not green, it was a B&W movie & while the makeup may have been green, he is not described in the movie as being green. While the things in his neck are not bolts as in “nuts & bolts” to fasten anything, they may be bolts to be used as electrodes.

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