Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Abbott And Costello Meet The Monsters?

Bud Abbott and Lou Costello formed one of the most iconic teams in film history (not to mention, the stage, radio, and television). Everybody knows their classic “Who’s on First” routine, but perhaps they are best remembered for their unlikely meeting with Universal’s catalog of classic monsters. The series of films revitalized both Abbott and Costello and the Monsters. The films range in quality, but the laughs they brought are countless. These films are a benchmark for what a horror comedy should be. Let’s celebrate these films and test your knowledge of the meeting of these icons.

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  1. How many films featured a meeting of Abbott and Costello and a Universal Monster?


    What is the 4th film? I hope you’re not thinking Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. That monster was from Paramount and MGM, never Universal.

    So… What is the 4th film?

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