Quiz: How Many Puppet Master Puppets Can You Name?

28 years ago today on October 12, 1989, Charles Band and his Full Moon Features released the first Puppet Master film direct-to-video. The story of puppeteer André Toulon’s living creations quickly developed a cult following, spawning twelve sequels alongside action figures, comics books, and collectible cards. As a result of the franchise’s longevity, over 25 unique puppets have been brought to life throughout these films. If you consider yourself a true Puppet Master, see if you can name 15 of Toulon’s most iconic puppets.

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  1. 12 out of 15, woo-hoo! “Puppet Master” was, in my opinion, one of the best horror franchises ever. Though I could have done without a few of the newer installments. I love how much detail went into making each puppet such a unique personality. Blade was always my favourite.

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