Quiz: Can You Name The Alfred Hitchcock Film Based On His Cameo?

Today, filmmakers who work at their craft from behind the camera are as recognizable as the actors in front of it. When a movie is about to premiere, you’ll see the director alongside the actors making all the stops to promote the film. It’s common now, but hasn’t always been. Perhaps the first recognizable director, or at least superstar, is Alfred Hitchcock.

He put his face out there as the host of a successful TV show, but before that he first became recognizable by making a cameo in each one of his films. It started to become a game, to try to spot ol’ Hitch. His cameos became as iconic as the classic movies themselves. Throughout his 50 year career, he made over 30 cameos. Try your hand at identifying ten of Hitchcock’s classic movies based on “The Master of Suspense’s” cameo

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