Deep Cuts: Executive Koala (2006)

The year is 2006. Sydney, Australia experienced the hottest day in human history. Six British men pull of the biggest heist of all time. And Brokeback Mountain takes home an award for best film. Yet in Japan, a cinematic genius named Minoru Kawasaki is set to release his best feature yet: Executive Koala.

Mr. Tamura is the vice-president of a pickle manufacturing plant. He has a beautiful girlfriend and, to top it all off, he’s about to seal a huge business deal with a South Korean kimchi company. The only problem is, he’s also a six foot tall koala bear who suffers blackouts and all the women in his life seem to disappear.

After Mr. Tamura’s current love interest disappears, he begins on a quest that uncovers a history of dark secrets, axe-wielding mayhem, and a musical number or two.

Joining our marsupial star is a detective hellbent on finding the truth, a fearful intern, and a shopkeeping frog that may know more than he lets on.

This movie has it all. Constant twists and turns. Humor mixed with twisted elements. An animated sequence because, hey, it’s freakin’ Japan. And a wonderful score and costuming.

On the surface this movie may seem like a self-aware joke. But when you watch it, it addresses a very real question. If you’ve never experienced love, can you truly ever love someone else?

This psy-koala thriller is not to be missed.

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