25 Of The Best Horror Fan Posters

Hollywood will argue that the most important part of the movie business is marketing. A movie, good or bad, has to bring in money. After the premiere, it’s up to the movie, but before that a big part of promotion is the poster. The poster has to get across the tone of the movie while creating anticipation. It has to spark excitement even for an unknown story, and for a horror movie it has to create a sense of fear and anticipation while standing out. No easy feat, but a good poster is a piece of art.

Some dedicated fans and artists will use their creative talents to reimagine classic posters. The results are often beautiful works of art that overflow with love for the subject. Notable artists like Laurent Durieux and Olly Moss have created completely original homages to some of the greatest horror movies of all time. Below are some of the best of the best and are beautiful enough to find a place on the wall of any horror movie fan.

Click each of the images below to view the full poster.

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