EP08 | Scream (1996)

Drew Barrymore in "Scream" (1996)
Wolfbane Blooms
EP08 | Scream (1996)

“What’s your favorite scary movie? Steven, Trish and Joe sit down and take a look at the very first, original 1996 film Scream!

Check out Steven’s other podcast, That Fat Guy Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About! along with Trish & Joe’s blog, Noise & Nonsense.

Note: We had some audio difficulties in the recording and as a result there is a lot of static feedback throughout the episode. It was an issue we were unaware of until after recording. Hopefully it won’t be an issue on any future episode.”

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Steven J. Lohmann of Creepy Eye Productions has been a horror fan for 20 years now all starting with "Scream" and branching out from there. He is mainly a fan of 80s slasher films, but enjoys all things horror.

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