10 More Of The Best Horror Movie Enamel Pins

It’s been almost five months since we visited the enamel pin community. In that time, a countless number of incredible horror genre pins have been produced, released and promptly sold out. Pin makers continue to push the boundaries of pin design from Project-O™ pins to the insertable glow sticks seen above. While several pins from our original list are still available for purchase, we decided to head back to Instagram and search for another batch of the best horror pins on the market.

As with our last list, we will be looking exclusively at pins that are still in stock, so if you see something that speaks to you, make sure to grab it before it’s gone.

“Found Footage Pioneers”, The Blair Witch ProjectEl Jefe


Maniac Cop | Scumbags and Superstars


Night Shift | Forever Midnight


“Nosferatu Project-O™ Pin”, Nosferatu | Creepy Company


“Black Phillip”, The Witch | London 1888


“Good Guys”, Child’s Play | Spook Shop


Braindead/Dead Alive | Studiohouse Designs


“Resurrectionator”, Re-AnimatorPseudo Ludo


“Fronkensteen”, Young Frankenstein | Two Ghouls Press


“Night Of The Nun”, The Conjuring 2 | Terror Threads

Most of these amazing pin makers have several horror-themed items for sale, so be sure to check out their full product lines for other sweet pins! Did we miss one of your favorites? Let us know in the comments! Also be sure to check out PART ONE for 15 more horror film enamel pins.

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