• downrange-feature

    Downrange (2018)

    Since its inception in the late ‘70s, the Toronto International Film Festival’s success has been nothing if not rampant. It’s one of the most well-attended public festivals in the world and has proven to be [...]
  • truth-or-dare-feature

    Truth or Dare (2018)

    This review contains spoilers.  We’ve all played truth or dare at sleepovers or parties or whatever, so why not make that into a horror movie, right? Where could you go wrong? While I definitely appreciate [...]
  • haunted-house-feature

    Scary by Association: The Old Dark House

    With the tragic news of Fixer Upper departing from HGTV, fans are grief-stricken, left with a large hole in their hearts and their weekends. Meanwhile, I am beside myself with confusion about when it became [...]
  • pet-sematary-feature

    Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Pet Sematary (1989)?

    Describing a Stephen King adaptation as “beloved” is about as specific as describing a Platinum Dunes remake as “terrible” or “completely unnecessary.” It’s just not enough information to go on. Even with the stiff competition, 1989’s Pet [...]
  • ghost-stories-feature

    Ghost Stories (2018)

    Some of the best modern horror films are those that build their terror around distinctly human conditions that scare the hell out of us—deep anxiety, unending hopelessness, crippling guilt. They’re the conflicts at the core [...]


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