15 Of The Creepiest Dolls in Horror

August 11, 2017 Mike Cramer 0

The beauty of a good horror story is that anything and everything can be used to bring chills and screams. This is most effective when the object symbolizes a simpler time, like childhood. A doll


10 Of The Best Summer Horror Movies

July 4, 2017 Mike Cramer 0

Summer is among us and the season brings about some of the best moments of the year. Grilling hotdogs, watching the fireworks, going for a swim. It’s a great time to spend with your friends and


10 Of The Best Horror Comedies

May 29, 2017 Mike Cramer 3

The need for laughter in a horror movie is critical. Laughter allows a release of tension. It lets the audience feel safe, even for only a split second. All the best horror movies have at least


5 Of The Best Horror Subscription Boxes

April 5, 2017 Eric Slager 5

Subscription boxes have experienced a major surge in popularity over the last few years. So much so that there are now entire sites dedicated to sorting and categorizing them. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept,